Case Study

This is the case study of Yog Gokul Yoga Studio that offers Yoga and Gymnastics Classes in Bangalore

SEO Project- Yog Gokul

Yog Gokul is a Yoga, Gymnastics and a Martial Arts Academy in Koramangala, Bangalore.

  • Although the website was ranking in top 5 positions, its google my business listing was not ranking.
  • The company was getting very few enquiry calls as the Google My Business ranking was on 21st Position in May 2018.

Project summary

Yog Gokul had approached us to get more leads through SEO and Google Maps Listing. They were getting very few enquiries through online marketing. 

The Strategy

  • Proper site analysis was done before initiating the project
  • Immediately after we optimized the google my business ranking it started ranking 5th in first few days and later on started ranking in top 3 in 2 months.
  • We tweaked targeted page appearance in order to increase user engagement. Suggested a webpage layout that increased monthly subscribers.

Proven Results

  • Suggested a webpage layout that increased monthly subscribers. 
  • Total four keywords were targeted. Yoga Classes in Koramangala, Yoga classes near me, Gymnastics classes in koramangala, Gymnastics Classes near me

  • About 4-5 leads are generated on a daily basis through organic search.

  • It took about 3 months to start ranking in top 5 positions for all the related keywords in the search results.

  • Google My Business (Local Search Results) ranking was enhanced from 21st position to 2nd and 3rd positions within 3-4 months for all 4 keywords.

  • Approximately Rs.15000 business was generated for Rs.3000 ad budget spent in Google adwords in the first month.


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

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