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What we do

We provide SEO services for small and medium scale businesses. Nothing is more interesting than seeing small entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. And we get a feeling of accomplishment by doing just that.


Search Engine Optimization for small and medium enterprises


Search Engine Marketing such as google adwords.

Web Design and Development

Designing and development of websites on wordpress.

Business Strategy

Helping small businesses with their Digital Strategy. Recommending the most relevant marketing platforms.

Corporate training for Digital Marketing

Transform your business by providing digital marketing & social selling training solutions to your employees.

Content Writing

Our professional Content writing team can help you write content both technical and generic so that you can focus more on what is more important to you- Your Business.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The Digital Shark is a team of dedicated digital marketing experts who help you to create and implement a successful digital strategy to attract new customers and make them your brand ambassadors.

Digital marketing is an ongoing process. It starts with identifying your goal and your target audience. The next step is to build strategy to achieve goals, continuously measure and track results through analytics, refine and act based on the results.

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing in not just about driving traffic to your website. Brands are now looking for conversion. The term “website traffic” is similar to the term “footfall” used by retail stores. More is the footfall to your store more is the chance of sale. Similarly, the more visitors come to your website, more are the chances that they buy your products or services, click on ads, or go and buy a product through the affiliate link.

The trick is to keep finding new customers and increase the repeat sales. New customer acquisition cost is five times of the cost of retention of the existing customer.

The probability of a sale to existing customer is 60-70% compared to just 5-20% to a new customer. Your existing customers are 50% more likely to buy new products launched by you and spend 31% more than the new customers. You should make your website attractive and make it compelling for users to keep coming back to you again and again. Your website should become their habit.

How do you increase your sales?

The Digital Shark will help you to devise a smart digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence. In today’s digital world, brand awareness  is most important. We have helped companies in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai to increase their website traffic and create brand awareness. With our digital marketing efforts, companies can target more than 1 million users in their vicinity for specific keywords. The Digital Shark also has customers from Dubai, Europe and UK and The US. By providing service at a reasonable rate, The Digital Shark is the best Digital Marketing Agency based out of Pune and Chennai.

Why we are different

Digital marketing is not just about time and money rather it is all about optimisation and analysis. Our team would give you right return on investment with timely strategy and implementaion. Yes, you thankfully found us. We will help you take your business to new heights.


Our Range Of Services Includes

Design a compelling digital strategy for your business. Attract new customers and retain them. Increase your repeat sales.

For achieving your marketing goal you should work on all available marketing platforms that are relevant to you in order to stay ahead of competition.

You need to work continuously depending on Google updates and competitor actions in order to increase or maintain your market share.

The moment you stop working you loose your business.

We help you to reach your audience through every touch point- Google search, social media, emails, blogs and anywhere your target audience is searching for you in a way that relevant to your business. We create awareness about your product and service through these channels if they are not already aware.


  • SEO – 90%
  • Google Adwords – 77%
  • Social Media Marketing – 85%
  • Email Marketing – 85%
  • Content – 70%

Let’s Work Together

Finally get every answer to every question you have about digital marketing. All in one place. So that you can find, attract and retain customers forever.

Award WINNING Strategy

SEO is not a rocket science. Focus on making your web pages more and more valuable to the users. Google is built for users first so it shows most relevant results to the user. Google has over 200 algorithms to rank websites based on content, social signals and to avoid spam. 



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