Biggest Social Media Mistakes that you are making

Posting content too often:

Everyone will keep telling you the more content you post the more followers you are likely to get. Try not to post more than one post per day.

Avoid Posting Mediocre Content:

If your content is not engaging or something that you would not share with your friends, it is likely that you won’t have enough engagement on social media.

So make sure you create quality content. If you are not sure how to create quality content go to Buzz Sumo and type in your keywords and you will get to see what is the content that is popular for your industry.

Leverage Video Content

The third mistake you might be doing is not leveraging videos. Videos is the future of content. Make sure you create interesting videos and share on social media. You can get upto 2-3 times more engagement on your video content than you just upload photo or a text update.

Not Engaging

The last mistake you should avoid is not engaging. Create content and reply to every comment that appears in there. Social media is about two way communication. So even if someone writes thanks for the content, you can respond by saying thank you for reading.

You will find over time you will get more shares, views and likes than if you didn’t engage with your content.