Reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency and How to find the Digital Marketing Agency that is right for you? 

Reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency 

You have a website. You want to get more traffic. But if you don’t have time to do your own SEO and Digital Marketing, then you can consider hiring a good digital Marketing agency. But before that let me warn you. If you hire any random digital marketing agency out there you will get burnt and loose money.

I will teach you today, how to find a digital marketing agency which will give you high return on investment.

How to find the Digital Marketing Agency that is right for you?

Traffic to their own website

If someone does not have traffic to their own website, how can they get you traffic to your website. There are agencies who claim they can to conversion optimisation or paid advertising or they are good at SEO.

You have to keep in mind to check their website. If they have not shown results from their own website it is likely that they cannot show you result for your website.

So always ensure that the agency you hire has a good content on their own website.

Case Studies and Testimonials:

Look out for case studies and testimonials. If you see any big names then you can be assured that the agency you are hiring is doing well, else why would big companies pay them unless they are getting sufficient return on investment.

Look for a digital marketing agency who is tactical:

No matter how smart and knowledgeable the agency is. Unless they know how to implement the changes to your website, they will not be able to get you any traction.

Check who is working on your account:

Ensure that your account manager is also well versed with the digital Marketing concepts. The good agencies are always picky when it comes to choosing their employees. However you can always ask them in advance who is going to work on your account so that you know that your website is in the right hands.


You should ask the agency to send timely reports, emails and have weekly calls to know what is happening to your account. Last thing you want to do is to spend money and not be communicated on the status of your  website promotion.


Ask for references. You don’t have to call the references. But if someone who doesn’t have references to vouch for the good service they have been providing, it means they never have given the return on investment to anyone out there.

People who have worked on similar businesses:

It doesn’t have to be people who have worked with direct competitors. What you need to check is if they have worked with similar sized companies. You don’t want companies who have worked with Facebook, google or LinkedIn. Check for people who have worked with small and medium enterprises. If you are running a local business, check for people who have worked with local business.

Follow the above mentioned strategies to hire a right digital marketing agency for you. If you had any bad experience in hiring a digital marketing agency or got ripped off by doing it, leave a comment below. I am just curious to know how can I help my visitors more and if I need to write any more content to warn against non standard practices that could affect any small businesses.